Dropping a Pinterest Bomb: Backpack Obsession.

GUYS. Can I just say I love backpacks? I do. 

Seriously though, I have my own Backpack & Purses board on  Pinterest. I am always looking at backpacks. On my 'Things-I-must-buy-before-I-leave-for-Australia' list, one of the biggest items is an awesome backpack. It needs to be big, but not too big, cute, maybe tribal patterned, or striped, or lace, and durable, (6 months in Australia and wherever else! Hello!) I've seen awesome backpacks all over, but not the perfect one at a perfect price. So I will keep searchin! 

Here's a glimpse into my backpack board, some of my favorites! I reallllly hope one of these pops up at Goodwill ;) 

Oh, funny story. I had a backpack that I bought from Goodwill that I kinda liked. It was dark green and very functional. I had big plans for it, maybe sew some fun material I got from Wal-Mart onto it. But then I got home from work yesterday and my little sis Ange goes, 'Look what I did to your old backpack!' and holds it up. Her name all over it in Sharpie. Haha, oh well I guess.. it was like $2 anyways! :) 

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm working at the Market 12-close Friday, and 9-close Saturday. Should make for a tiresome weekend! ;) 

Have a glittering day! 

xo, V

P.S.....Did you know I'm hosting a giveaway? Thanks to my dear friend Amy from The Blank Pages Blog. Check it out HERE! You might get lucky! ;) 

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  1. Love all of these. I have never been that much of a backpack fan, but this makes me want to!



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