Dis-nay & Successful Passport Day

 Hello there! How was your weekend?My weekend was awesome!! :) Disney was a grand time, I had a blast and wish I could've stayed longer! On Saturday we went to Magic Kingdom, (I had been there a few times before, always a good time!) and Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios, a first for me. But I loved it! I think the Asians had a great time. It sure seemed like it. I think they especially enjoyed Hollywood studios, namely the Tower of Terror. They loved to come up with different 'poses' when the camera took our picture. Here's a few good ones. 


A big thank you to Jill, Jackson's mom, for taking us! She drove us up there, and paid for a hotel for the weekend. I shared a bed with her, and I was nervous I would kick her or try to snuggle with her, but it was all good. At least, that's what she said when I asked. She's is so sweet. I'm SO glad my boyfriend has an awesome mom :)

Oh, in passport news...Friday morning went great! Mom and I went in at about 9:30am. The guy who helped us was super friendly, I'm not sure what I was so scared of! The bad part was, the only accept checks. We knew that, and mom was planning to write a check. But we got there, and she realizes she just wrote her last check, and had none left! The nice man continued to help us though, and let us run home to get it and I brought it back to him.

When I was bringing him the check, I also realized we hadn't paid for the passport photos. I told him this and he had forgot to charge me. He was shocked at my honesty and kept thanking me over and over. So in the end, I ended up paying $10.70 for passport photos, but was so glad to bless that nice guy with honesty. So I guess the lesson there is...honesty is the best policy :)

Oh! My photos... I wasn't sure if I could smile or not.. So I halfway did, and what I got was a blank face and open mouth. Oh well! No one ask to see it though... Again, an embarrassing passport photo! 

xoxo, Vanes. 

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  1. Haha, I will definitely ask to see that passport photo ;) Glad to hear you had a good weekend, sounded super sweet!!


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